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SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators. They are a group of chemical substances, that connect to the receptors, resulting in eliciting an anabolic reaction. SARMs are becoming more common in use among regular gym visitors, due to the effectiveness with minimal side effects.




These formulations were discovered in the 90s, the first tests showed very good results in the form of muscle mass growth and prevention of prostate hyperplasia. Due to the beneficial effects of the treatment they were tested as a pharmaceutical alternative to the use of steroids, for example in the case of strongly devastating the body – cancer, muscle atrophy – but without negative effects on the body.  




SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators, substances about which you are reading right now.

SERMs in turn, is an abbreviation for selective estrogen receptor modulators, such as tamoxifen or clomiphene.  


AAS are anabolic-androgenic steroids, anabolic substances which are having a number of side effects that can be eliminated with the use of SARMs.




SARMs exhibit very similar action to the AAS, which have powerful anabolic effects, can increase strength and muscle mass. The biggest advantage is a little amount of side effects, because they involve only those receptors, which are responsible for anabolism, avoiding a lot of negative actions. They can provide benefits, such as a significant increase in muscle mass and strength, increased bone density, fat burning acceleration and faster regeneration.


Key benefits:

  • Do not convert to estrogen like synthetic testosterone.
  • An oral form of administration, the lack of problematic injection.
  • Lack of a methyl group – do not damage the liver.
  • Little or no blocking of the HPTA.
  • The legality of the purchase and possession!
  • Lack of involvement of metabolising steroids enzyme, reductase – no possibility of DHT formation.




At the moment there is no official division of SARMs into groups with different purposes. However, we can divide them in a stipulated way, as affecting more strongly on a specific range of stimulation. In this case, it is the best to read producer descriptions of the formulations.

  • Muscle mass development: Rad-140, LGD-4033, Andarine S4
  • Strength growth: MK2866 (Ostarine), Rad-140
  • Supporting lean muscle mass building, and to reduction objectives: SR-9009, GW-1516, MK-677




The steps of using SARM are divided into four essential parts:

Change in the body structure
Numerous positive feedback on. SARMs are caused by the process, which is called the recomposition. This is the phenomenon of simultaneous muscle mass building and fat burning. Ultimately, there is no growth of the total body weight with changes in its structure, ie. fat storage reduction intended to build muscles!


Strength increase
Thanks to the anabolic action, SARM allows our muscles to lift much heavier weights than ever before. This is due to AAS anabolic pathway following, and increasing bone density, therein the severe collagen synthesis.

Body weight growth
SARM by causing an anabolic state in the body, allows the acquisition, especially of lean body mass, so your gains may not be double-digit, but it will fat- and water-free mass. Thanks to an increased training load, muscles will note a steady hypertrophic growth.

Body weight loss
Thanks to the anti-catabolic action, SARM the prevents decay of proteins building muscle tissue, and the severity of thermogenesis processes allows to occur the lipolysis of fats and effectively consume them for energy purposes.  




In contrast to the AAS, we do not have to interfere in our skin tissue by injections. SARMs have the form of a liquid or a capsule. Getting through a digestive tract, it is safe for the liver and the stomach, due to the lack of a methyl group. SARM supplementation is an individual dosage for each product – according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. In the case of combining several products, you should seek advice from supplementation specialists.




On the market there are many shops selling SARMs, but like in the case of the issue of steroids – fakes happen. Therefore, you should use services of large stores with a proven assortment.
One such shop is:



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