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Andarin (S4) is a compound, which is a selective androgen receptor modulator. It is characterized by a strong anabolic action. Often compared to anabolic steroids and even set on a par with them. It exerts a strong influence on the development of muscle mass and strength, reduced of side effects of steroids.



The preparation Andarine affects the operation of androgen receptors. The substance due to its mechanism has a strong anabolic effect, while reducing side effects, such as an increase in estrogen, virilization and post-seroid acne.

The binding and activation of the androgen receptor it changes to gene expression and enhances protein synthesis, which ultimately builds and protects muscles.


Paying special attention to protective and reducing the size of the prostate action, Andarine behaves as effective as finasteride, but without the phenomenon of decrease in muscle mass. It starts most probably by blocking dihydrotesterone receptors in the prostate gland.


For the clinical purposes, Andarine was created, among others, to overcome the effects of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The use of S4 is a solution bringing more benefits than anabolic steroids. This is confirmed by studies, which demonstrated that Andarin surpasses, in terms of increasing muscle strength and bone mineralization, the dihydrotestosterone.


Andarine has a very interesting effect in terms of exhibiting muscles. It makes muscles becoming "dry", more bulgy, and therefore, more visible. A lot of reviews talk about the phenomenon of cure, muscle compaction during receiving S4. It is an ideal component formulation to lose body fat. It also supports bone mineralization and strengthens soft tissues.


S4 in too high doses may cause disturbances in the androgen receptors work, which are located in the eyeballs. This results in poorer visibility after dark and yellowing of the field of vision. These effects are temporary and pass after dose reduction within several tens of hours. To avoid such negative effects, you should take Andarine at intervals of 5 days of supplementation and 2 days off.



Andarin has a short half-life of 2,6-5,3 hours. The daily dose is 40-75 mg, where a safe value, not causing eyesight disorders is 50 mg. The daily dose should be divided into several smaller (2-4), where 1-2 should be adopted before or/and after a workout. 


In order to reduce the yellowness of the image you can use the preparation; one day ON, one day OFF, or five days a week ON and 2 days off.




  • Increase in muscle mass: Andarin + LGD (50-75 mg + 10 mg)
  • Recomposition: Andarin + Ostarine (50 mg + 20 mg)
  • Fat tissue reduction: Andarin + Cardarine (50 mg + 20 mg)





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