Hades's Hegemony


Do not fall silent echo after a spectacular entry into the market of products such SARM, the new company under the name of Hades's Hegemony. There is a lot of rumors about the composition, but the company decided to meet the expectations of customers and share laboratory testing results of the composition of their dietary supplements!


Just as shops selling Hades's Hegemony products, we received a lot of inquiries about the testing results, opinions or availability of funds. Now we are sure!

SARM of Hades's Hegemony have in their composition exactly what declares their labels! And in 99,3-99,5% !!!

On the official website of the manufacturer presented are testings of:





The research is clear – these supplements contain pure product, without any additions!


What’s more, in the documents there is a price regarding the testing of one substance for $ 1,200!


What can I say, please see everything with your own eyes on:


The manufacturer declares that the credibility of the testings can be confirmed in the laboratory, moreover it is the only laboratory in the world, which is able to examine the SARMs!


Hades's Hegemony, thanks to these treatments is becoming a leader in this product category, no other manufacturer has not released such testings results so far!


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