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Cardarine (GW-501516, GW1516, GSK-516 or endurobol) is a substance that acts as a modulator of hormone receptors. GW-501516 AMP activates protein kinase, the activation stimulates glucose uptake in skeletal muscles. The formulation has been proposed as a potential treatment of obesity and related with it conditions, particularly when used in combination with a synergistic compound AICAR. 



Cardarine is a selective PPARδ receptor activator. It displays a high affinity (K i = 1 Nm) and capacity (EC 50 = 1 Nm) of the PPARδ with a > 1000 times selectivity over PPARa and PPARy.


In mammals, the aplication of GW-501516, involves the activator PGC-1a by acting on PPARδ. The PPARδ coactivator increases the expression of proteins involved in energy costs. In addition, in rats treated with cardarine recognised an increased metabolism of fatty acid in skeletal muscles and protection against diet leading to obesity and type II diabetes! In obese rhesus monkeys, GW-501516 increased the level of high density lipoprotein (HDL) and lowered the level of lipoproteins of very low density (VLDL). Mechanisms of action of PPARδ agonists slightly increase HDL. It seems to be due to increased expression of ABCA1 – the transporter of cholesterol.


When administered cardarine, it was shown that it reverses metabolic disorders in obese people with a pre-diabetes metabolic syndrome, probably by stimulating the oxidation of fatty acids. Cardarine was proposed as a potential preparation for the treatment of obesity and related with it conditions. With AICAR you can greatly improve the efficiency of GW-501516.


There are two main uses GW-501516 in sport.

  • The first and most common in use is the effect of increased endurance. Cardarine was banned for professional athletes, because of the unfair advantage in terms of endurance. The formulation causes a strong increase of endurance. Users of cardarine will find that it is a key preparation in this aspect. A typical dose showing effects on muscle endurance increase is only 10 mg per day.
  • The second advantage of using GW-501516 is the loss of body fat. Many users applying the measure confirms the increased loss of fat tissue, as well as the anti-catabolic effect. Thanks to cardarine you'll find that you can burn fat without losing muscles. This phenomenon occurs especially when you use it in combination with Ostarine and S4 to keep as much muscle as possible. A dose of 10 mg per day shows efficacy in a loss of fat, but an increase to 20 mg per day will allow you to achieve much better results.


Cardarine is not a hormone, so it does not block the HPTA. Despite its oral form, it does not contain a harmful methyl group.



A recommended dose for cardarine is 10-20 mg, and the cyclicality of application is 8 weeks. Thanks to the half-life of approximately 20-24 hours, you can use the preparation once a day. In the case of larger doses you can take two portions every 8-10 hours.




  • Recomposition: Cardarine + Andarin (20 mg + 50-75 mg)
  • Increase lean muscle mass and fat loss: Cardarine + Ostarine + Andarin (20 mg + 20 mg + 75 mg)
  • Increase in endurance: Cardarine + AICAR (20 mg + 15 mg)





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