MK-677 (ibutamoren, L-163191) is a non-peptide active substance connecting with the ghrelin receptor, affecting the secretion of growth hormone. The studies showed an increase in the action of ghrelin receptors, which cause permanent increase in the plasma level of HGH and IGF-1, but did not affect the secretion of cortisol. This formulation has been developed to combat complaints such as muscle atrophy, obesity and osteoporosis. Ibutamoren was repeatedly tested, so there are plenty of confirmations regarding its safety.



The formulation increases the secretion of growth hormone. There are four mechanisms leading to maximize the production of HGH:

  • Increasing the level of GH-RH (Somatoliberin) – a hormone secreted by the hypothalamus – it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone.
  • Supporting GH-RH signaling in the anterior lobe of the brain to secrete somatotropin.
  • Reducing the secretion of somatostatin – a hormone inhibiting secretion of HGH and insulin.
  • Inhibiting signaling somatostatin receptors to exude.


Ibutamoren as a substance being used to minimize the effects of devastating diseases, has been repeatedly tested, so there are many studies confirming its safety.
The study confirms the impact of MK-677 on the way the secretion of HGH, is a clinical trial engaging 32 elderly subjects.
The conclusions are clear: to medicate elderly people in an amount of 25 mg once daily, significantly affects the secretion of growth hormone to achieve the level of young people. This enables the development of muscle tissue, in spite of the negative balance of calories, provides protection against accumulating fat in organs, and supports regeneration of joints and ligaments.


A study conducted with 25 mg of MK-677 on 563 patients (416 completed the study), lasting 12 months determines the increase of IGF-1 in serum of:

  • > 60,1% after 6 weeks
  • > 72,9% after 12 months
An increase of the amount of IGF-1 determines muscle growth and development of a silhouette. Anti-catabolic action as a result of the secretion of insulin-like growth factors.
8 people have been restricted by diet calories to 18 kcal per 1 kg of body weight to two 14-day periods. Strong catabolism which took place, tried to inhibit with MK-677.
The study confirms the possibilities of an anti-catabolic impact of ibutamoren at 25 mg amount on the human body, without showing negative effects.
Despite the low calorie supply, MK-677 showed muscle protective properties, as a result of severve catabolism. Thanks to that, it will protect muscles during radical reductions.


BA very important activity is the impact on obese people, which enhances the growth of lean body mass and improves energy expenditure.
With MK-677, we can build muscles and burn fat at the same time!


Side effects which occur during the use of MK-677 relate closely to receiving growth hormone. These are, among others:

  • increased appetite – regardless, in the period of building muscle mass it can be an advantage
  • water retention in the body – it can be partially reduced by changing your diet
  • overconfidence – it has an impact on, inter alia, the low level of cortisol



Dosages range from 10-40 mg per day. The most commonly used is 20-30 mg.
Clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy of 25 mg to increase IGF-1. We take the supplement in one portion once a day, because of the 24-hour half-life.




  • To increase muscle mass: MK-677 + LGD-4033 (25 mg + 5-10 mg)/li>
  • To reduce fat: MK-677 + Andarin S4 / Cardarine (25 mg + 50 mg / 20 mg)
  • To improve efficiency: MK-677 + GW-501516 (25 mg + 20 mg)
  • To improve health condition: MK-677 + any vitamin supplements (20 mg)





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