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RAD 140 (testolone) is a SARM, which exhibits a high affinity for the androgen receptors, with the strength bigger that testosterone. The first information on this formulation came in year 2010, so this is a relatively new preparation. Ultimately, it was created as a replacement for synthetic testosterone, having no impact resulting in prostatic hyperplasia. 



As a preparation in the more stable form than anabolic hormones and as total AR agonist, which are present muscles, bones and the nervous system, it is capable of creating an environment favorable to the processes of growth in mentioned areas of the body.


In addition, by supporting the process of losing excess fat tissue, it allows a ungreased fat demonstration and separated musculature, acquired in a relatively short period of time.


As a fairly new formulation in the range of SARM, it does not have many clinical studies regarding its effectiveness on humans. Only are known the tests, when testolone was administrated to monkeys. There was a dramatic increase in lean body mass during the treatment period. An increase in lean mass was dose dependent, that with higher doses demonstrated a bigger increase in dry mass and a decrease in fat tissue.


RAD140 is a preparation belonging to the class of SARM formulations, which has a similar action to anabolic steroids. However, it is completely devoid of side effects.


RAD-140 as SARM, demonstrated a very similar action to anabolic steroids, but despite this action, it does not exhibit negative characteristics of anabolic steroids.


The most important characteristics that make testolone highly regarded in bodybuilding circles, are:


  • stimulating the production of testosterone – this is particularly important for people with its low level or who want to increase it in order to muscle anabolism.
  • no HPTA blocking – so it can be used between steroid cycles to maintain effects of a cycle.
  • lack of side effects associated with synthetic testosterone, it does not affect the prostate and does not "block" – it can be used instead of anabolic steroids, as a formulation to expand muscle mass
  • it does not cause gynecomastia directly, so you can use it without fear for these effects, disrupting silhouette aesthetics.


RAD-140 as a relatively "fresh" formulation, is in the process of testing in bodybuilding circles, and there are no reports on its harmfulness yet.



The effectiveness of RAD-140 is very high because of its optimal half-life. It allows to take the formulation once a day. Doses that provide an adequate anabolic effect are between 12-20 mg.


The optimum testolone cycle time is 10-14 weeks, and can be freely extended or modified by adding other formulations.




  • Increase of muscle mass: RAD-140 + LGD (15 mg + 5-10 mg)
  • Reduction of fat tissue: RAD-140 + Cardarine (15 mg + 20 mg)





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