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YK-11 is one of the newest SARM on the market – it is the most innovative in action formulation, among this group of products. It has a very powerful genetic potential to build muscles! As the ligand having some tissue specificity and high affinity for AR (greater than in the case of testosterone or DHT), it is capable of strong binding to the selected androgen receptors. Nevertheless, its operation does not fully coincide with the assigned SARM, as evidenced by its inability to the induction of N/C, and therefore, just a partial agonist of mentioned receptors.



YK-11 acting as a strong androgen with minimal undesirable side effects, also acts as an effective inhibitor of myostatin.


Regardless of the impossibility of full activation of the androgen receptors, it is able to increase the level of the main myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs), in particular: MyoD, Myf5 and myogenin, in a greater part than DHT does. YK-11 enables a process of myogenesis, mainly by increasing the concentration of follistatin (FST), through which it limits the activity of myostatin, a protein limiting the extension muscle process over its genetic potential.


In relation to the YK-11 there is a lack of medical connections allowing to clearly define the purpose of use.


YK-11 causes a greater increase in the synthesis of Myf5, MyoD and myogenin than DHT, these three factors are signaling proteins, that stimulate muscle growth.


As it’s already been mentioned, follistatin is an inhibitor of myostatin, so the protein that genetically inhibits muscle growth. More follistatin = bigger muscles.


YK-11 as an inhibitor of myostatin is a preparation very little human-studied, so it is hard to define its undesirable effects.



Achieving desired anabolic effects demonstrated by YK-11 in the initial studies, will be possible at a dose of 5 mg per day.





Visitors’ comments
Lucy D Farmer posted:
January 17, 2018 12:20
Interesting facts on YK-11. I have tried Ostarine and SARMs S22 with good results and few side effects. But, always wanting the test the best are intrigued on this latest Sarm. I know there is not as much research been done on this one, and that ostarine is one of the main sarms with the most tests. I am always looking for better gains and will hopefully testing this soon.
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