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DHEA DHEA 25mg 90 tab.
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Servings: 25mg 90 tab.

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  • Called the hormone of youth
  • Protection against metabolic syndrome
  • Has anti-tumor properties
  • Prevents anxiety-depressive states
  • Improves the quality of sleep and mood
  • Stimulates the libido and sexual activity
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases bone mineral density
  • Supports the work of the nervous system
  • Prevents Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases
  • Regulates memory
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Prevents pessimism
  • Has anabolic and androgenic properties

NATROL DHEA is a dietary supplement containing 25 mg of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in one capsule.

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) – it is the main steroid hormone of the androgen group, produced by the reticulum layer of the adrenal cortex from cholesterol; 17-keto-steroid is chemically similar to testosterone and estradiol, which can not be transformed easily. Because of its unusual properties, it is called "the hormone of youth" and "the mother of hormones". The steroid accelerates protein synthesis, and increases the body, develops some secondary sex characteristics of the male type.

DHEA deficiency
The body produces the largest amounts of dehydroepiandrosterone at age of 25 years old, and after crossing the age of 25 the production of DHEA significantly decreases until trace amounts at the age of 60-70 years, which is one of the factors of aging, and the development of a number of metabolic diseases. A deficiency of this hormone reduces the anabolic potential of the organism in favor of the catabolism, and protein breakdown.

Metabolic syndrome
DHEA deficiency is also one of the causes of the formation of the metabolic syndrome, or the syndrome of interrelated factors, that significantly increase the risk of atherosclerosis and diabetes, and its complications. It is a factor that affects the possibility of coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and the glucose metabolism.

In addition, it was shown the relationship between the decrease in the level of this hormone in the body and Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, multiple sclerosis, depression, osteoporosis, and disorders of the immune system.

DHEA and memory, and mood
Taking DHEA contributes greatly to the improvement of well-being and self-confidence. No wonder, since brain tissue contains six times more of this neurohormone than the rest of the neuropeptide tissue. Moreover, chronic stress causes a disorder of a normal adrenal hormones ratio –the level of cortisol increases, and a DHEA level decreases, which contributes to neurotoxicity, and accelerates the aging of the brain.

Strong bones
Undoubtedly, this hormone improves the quality of life, and allows you to enjoy it regardless of age. It affects bone mineral density, preventing osteoporosis, and the lower the level of DHEA in women, the lower the calcification of bones, and a greater risk of disorders of the bone structure. This is very important in the case of people over the age of 50 years old, and who are at increased risk of fractures.

DHEA supplementation helps to increase the bone mineral density, and what goes with it, to reduce the risk of fractures. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen, which improves skin condition, rejuvenates the skin, and smoothes wrinkles.

Sexual performance
Dehydroepiandrosterone is also helpful in the case of erectile dysfunctions, and the decrease in a sexual activity, which is caused by a deficiency of the hormone and diseases such as, for example, diabetes and atherosclerosis. The use of DHEA for several months has a beneficial effect on potency and libido.

In summary, NATROL DHEA is a dietary supplement especially recommended for people over the age of 30 years old, whose the understated level of this hormone affects homeostasis disorders. It is also recommended for athletes, because of the anabolic, slimming, and regulating a cortisol level properties.

Directions for use
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Container size: 90 tabletsServing size: 1 tabletServings per container: 90
per 1 tabletamount%DV
Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate)50 mg5%
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)25 mg*

Other ingrednients

Microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, cellulose gum, maltodextrin, gum arabic.

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